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2021 Lockdown: We can get through this if we try.

Lets just..keep it together..

So the last thing I wanted my first article of 2021 to be about is COVID-19 or anything related to it. After all it’s a virus from 2019 that ruined everyone’s 2020, and as far as Zimbabweans were concerned, we were all done with it. But if Saturday’s announcement from the Vice President, along with all the stories reports and chain messages about rising cases and overwhelmed hospitals, proved anything, it’s that this virus might still have a few punches left in it. And while this new lockdown we’ve entered has definitely soured our moods a little, it’s definitely not a reason to write-off 2021 yet, and instead should definitely be a chance to reflect a bit (one last time please) and see how we can make 2021 better than 2020 ever was.
Now what do I mean by this? Well while 2020 came from out of nowhere and pretty much ambushed all of us, 2021 starts of with all the hindsight of the previous year. We know what we’re dealing with, we know which regulations will likely need to be observed, and we know how to stay safe or implement measures to even try and continue our lives with said safety measures in place. Hence from a purely logical standpoint, we’re not starting this year in a great spot, but it’s certainly a better spot than the one we were in when lockdown started last year. That part is key because hopefully even businesses have adapted to such now. We’ve written article after article of terrible service, customer support or business practices due to failure to cope with the lockdown and even in those we tried to give corporations benefit of the doubt due to adjustment time and resources being needed. Now however, companies should definitely have their act together, especially since even if things have slowed down a little, January will always be a pretty busy month and all companies should be ready to cater to that.
Then there’s us, or should I say you, the reader. Yes you. You didn’t listen when we were discouraged from going out and having #keDecember vibes when 2020 was ending. COVID-19 fatigue caught up to you and you figured you could sneak in a little fun even if the virus was out there. Unfortunately, yours and the behavior of countless others probably added to the spread of COVID along with other factors like Zimbabweans traveling home and so on. We’re not pointing fingers, after all we’re all only human. But we can’t keep excusing impulsive behavior in a time where it can actually kill people. Hence, we all need to do what we’re asked of. Stay home unless it’s completely necessary to go out, if you do go out the WEAR A MASK, its not fun but it’s necessary. And for the love of all things good fellow Zimbabweans, wash your hands and sanitize as often as possible. None of this is enjoyable to be honest, but it’s necessary. And in a country where what happens at the top often doesn’t make any sense, doing what’s necessary is often the best way to just hold it together. 
And to be fair, this might not be easy for most of us. We rarely made it through 2020 and I personally know January 2021 already feels like a fight none of us felt we could even take on. But we can take it on if we all keep our minds in the right place, our hearts in as stable a state as we can manage, and our bodies away from anywhere they can catch a virus. And if we all do our best to be there for those we care about, maybe even check in on those we don’t care about from time to time, we can all stay relatively sane in this not-so-sane time.  Again, it’s not easy, and just to be clear this article could have been about ranting over the government’s confusing policies for this lockdown and how that needs a lot of fixing. But instead, I chose to focus on us, all of us. People. Because as usual that’s who this pandemic and its lockdown will touch the most. And we could all use a more positive mindset if we are to survive it all.
Stay safe out there everyone!


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