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With Econet pricing going up by up to 20% today, it’s time we say goodbye to what was a relatively cheap period in Econet Bundles.

Well, it was fun while it lasted..

We can thank Econet for starting this
Data has become a paramount resource this year, with everyone stuck at home and the need for an internet connection becoming as essential as electricity and water for many. However up until the RBZ’s moves to reign in Econet, data pricing in this country was essentially the wild west, with prices from all three network providers scaring people each time they attempted to purchase bundles because the frequency of price reviews/increases was getting ridiculous. But then an interesting thing happened, as we wrote about earlier, for almost the past 3 months now Econet had actually reviewed their prices to become the cheapest data provider, at least when it came to entry level bundle prices. But unfortunately, it seems even that magic wasn’t meant to last. And with today’s upcoming price increase, the landscape for bundle pricing might be about to get crazy again.
Now to be fair this won’t be new for most of us. In fact, “Econet is expensive” is a colloquial term that has become as well known as “Things is tough”. But even with prices going up again , what makes it worse is that if history is to be believed, Telecel and NetOne will likely join the price increase game as well, and that helps no one as far as consumers are concerned. It creates the typical customer-wrenching landscape that we had experienced for most of the year, and it puts everyone in a position where data again becomes a burden we need to think about often, along with voice and SMS bundles as well, despite voice bundles recently being increased too.
We’ll review the prices as soon after they’re released but if you feel like Econet is eating your bonus to increase theirs, you’re not the only one. We’ll see how Telecel and NetOne will react as well.

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