The Zimbabwean Perspective

A look at our lives and the tech we use in them


So what actually caused the TM Pick n Pay hack?

A case of fraud, negligence and an inside job maybe?

Our banks are failing us, and it needs to end.

An experience with my own bank put me in a path full of the complaints of others about their banks as well..

The Battleground has changed

With Zimbabwean activism moving primarily to social media, it’s time to see how the battle evolves..

Econet has disbanded their Hourly Data Bundles.

They actually were pretty good when you think about them..

Ecocash to lose it’s independence as RBZ demands it work through Zimswitch

This could spell an unsavory fate for electronic payments in the country….

Africa Day in 2020: What does it all mean?

In a time like this is there reason to celebrate?

Perhaps it’s time we got a little more used to COVID-19

It’s time we face some uncomfortable realisations…..