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Perspectivecast Special Episode 2 : Windows 11 reveal deep dive

This came a little late…but it’s still fun to hear..

Dawn of an ARMy: Just how influential will Apple’s move to ARM based CPUs for Macs be?

With their upcoming ARM PC event, it’s time we see how much of an effect Apple’s new chips could have on the PC and processor industry as a whole..

How To Create A Slideshow In Windows 10

A few tips to customize your Windows 10 Desktop

See, We don’t hate Macs

And You dare accuse us of bias.

Harare City council members are getting iPads. Why?

We aren’t trying to offend here, but really, why?

Apple’s iPad OS: A much needed step in the right direction.

Okay Apple, it seems you were listening after all..   Here at TZP we’ve shared our thoughts in the past about consumer tablets like iPads, especially those larger than 7 inches (spoiler warning; we think they’re useless) and it seems…

It’s probably time you upgraded from Windows 7.

There’s gonna be a mass funeral for Microsoft products in January 2020