The Zimbabwean Perspective

A look at our lives and the tech we use in them


Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Review Roundup: Samsung’s legitimized the “Ultra” Phone.

And with it’s new price, it’s probably worth buying for the few who can afford it..

Say hello to Apple’s new iPhone 12 series

The pricing is compelling, even if most of the devices are not..

The smartphone defined the last decade in tech (and beyond)

A look at how smartphones changed our finances, communication methods and social habits.

2019:The year in tech for Zimbabwe

A look back over our (violent) rollercoaster of a year

Mac Pro 2019: I Want One!

Apple has been hitting all the right notes as of late

Understanding movie and series distribution: when they release, and where and how you can watch them.

A little help so you know where best to watch Game of Thrones or the next Marvel movie

Consumer tablets are useless

Or they’re at least wasted potential.


April fools 2019: A Collection of the best jokes from tech and Zim Companies

So now that everyone’s had their fill of being a goof, with tons of tech companies and a few of our own Zim ones getting in on the fun(even if they’re not exactly tech related), we figured we would compile…

Apple Cancelling AirPower is a necessary pain that can help the whole tech industry

In cancelling a product, Apple has created a martyr On Friday, Apple cancelled their consistently delayed AirPower wireless charger, much to the dismay of Apple fans and most likely Apple investors all over the world. In a statement where Apple…

Huawei P30 and P30 Pro: Bring out the Big Guns

We talked before about how the Samsung Galaxy S10s are amazing phones that basically set the bar for all other phones this year, and while we’ve seen some disappointing answers from LG and Sony, it seems Huawei is willing to…

Facebook ,Instagram and Whatsapp are getting big changes. Here’s how (and why)

Two weeks ago, Mark Zuckerberg released what is arguably the most impactful blog post in the last few years for Facebook as a company. The post , which has already set the tech world on fire and caused a few…

Facebook loses two of it’s top executives due to new privacy based Pivot

The Company’s new direction seems to rub the some of Old Guard the wrong way

Get Ready for 100 Megapixel Cameraphones

And you thought 40 Megapixels was impressive.

The phone has become the true Personal Computer (PC)

  Personal computer: the definition for this according to Oxford Learners Dictionaries  is “a computer for one person to use at work or at home”   and its pretty spot on from our simple understanding of the term. For over the…