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So let’s talk about e-Learning bundles for a minute.

They seem good, but that’s because everything else is so bad…

Dear Telecel, please do better!

It’s time we talked about Telecel a bit

Telecel still has 1GB night bundles for $2.50! And we’re just as skeptical about them as you are.

Too good to be true…..?   Telecel has not been having a good new year so far. Just three weeks ago workers filed a letter to the Minister of ICT requesting for government assistance as the company is literally on…

The ZESA load shedding situation has turned our mobile networks into a joke.

The Darkness affects our phones too it seems….. Stage two load shedding has been going on for about two weeks now, and with every day a new group or business in the country complains about it. We really don’t need…

NetOne’s 1GB Night Bundle: Yes Please!

For all those late night assignments you need data for.