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Dawn of an ARMy: Just how influential will Apple’s move to ARM based CPUs for Macs be?

With their upcoming ARM PC event, it’s time we see how much of an effect Apple’s new chips could have on the PC and processor industry as a whole..

Say hello to Apple’s new iPhone 12 series

The pricing is compelling, even if most of the devices are not..

Apple’s Developer Reckoning.

Apple’s developer ecosystem has finally had enough.(and apparently Google’s too?)

iOS 14: the right kind of compromise for the right kind of complications.

The best iPhone Operating system HAS to steal from the competition at some point..

Watch Apple’s Riveting WWDC 2020 recap right here!

From new iPhone features to ARM powered Macs, and a crazy amount of awesome announcements.

So what’s the best smartphone camera of the year? Well, it’s complicated.

If it helps, both of these will make you look good on Instagram.

Apple’s iPad OS: A much needed step in the right direction.

Okay Apple, it seems you were listening after all..   Here at TZP we’ve shared our thoughts in the past about consumer tablets like iPads, especially those larger than 7 inches (spoiler warning; we think they’re useless) and it seems…

You need to update your WhatsApp right now to avoid harmful spyware on your phone

Especially for iOS and Android users… If you’re using an iOS or Android device WhatsApp is urging you to update to the latest version of the app right now. A code vulnerability found in WhatsApp is being exploited by a…