The Zimbabwean Perspective

A look at our lives and the tech we use in them


How to make a website( or have one made for you)

Let’s learn the basics about getting a your website on the web….

How To Create A Slideshow In Windows 10

A few tips to customize your Windows 10 Desktop

Saver: Quick tips to save power on all your devices

Because who wants their devices running out of power… Battery management in Zimbabwe has become much more crucial with all our ZESA nightmares becoming true due to stage two load shedding. The situation only seems to be getting worse for…

Understanding movie and series distribution: when they release, and where and how you can watch them.

A little help so you know where best to watch Game of Thrones or the next Marvel movie

THE BASICS: Web Browsers

You may not think you need these tips, but you’ll need them the next time you think of getting Game of thrones online.

How-To Guide on: USSD Codes

You know how useful these tend to be. Here’s a guide to make sure you never forget them.

Our How-To Guide on: VPNS

What’s a VPN? How do you use it? Most importantly, which one should you use? Let us give you a primer on which VPNs are best for you, no matter which device you use.