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City of Darkness

ZESA can’t be dropping the ball like this during a lockdown…

Dawn of an ARMy: Just how influential will Apple’s move to ARM based CPUs for Macs be?

With their upcoming ARM PC event, it’s time we see how much of an effect Apple’s new chips could have on the PC and processor industry as a whole..

Our banks are failing us, and it needs to end.

An experience with my own bank put me in a path full of the complaints of others about their banks as well..

So let’s talk about e-Learning bundles for a minute.

They seem good, but that’s because everything else is so bad…

Dear Telecel, please do better!

It’s time we talked about Telecel a bit

NMB Tap Card users get in first on ZUPCO bus line, is this a form of technological classism?

Technology tends to create barries and classes among people, is this one of them?