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The ZESA load shedding situation has turned our mobile networks into a joke.

The Darkness affects our phones too it seems….. Stage two load shedding has been going on for about two weeks now, and with every day a new group or business in the country complains about it. We really don’t need…

What Huawei’s ban by Google means for you

This politically-fueled situation will cause issues not only for Huawei and Android users, but for all smartphone users as well…

The OnePlus 7 Pro is a major upgrade, and a bit of a letdown

The People’s Champ has become a bit of an aristocrat…. Remember last week when we talked about how you may not have heard of the Google Pixel range of phones? Well here’s another smartphone company you may have been overlooking…

You need to update your WhatsApp right now to avoid harmful spyware on your phone

Especially for iOS and Android users… If you’re using an iOS or Android device WhatsApp is urging you to update to the latest version of the app right now. A code vulnerability found in WhatsApp is being exploited by a…

NMB’s new tap card is proves there’s need to standardise payment methods.

Another great idea that may get drowned out by everyone not wanting to share

Here comes the PS5: All the details Sony unveiled this week

It’s a shame I can’t use the smiling emoji as a preview for this article

The reason we’re most excited about Mortal Kombat 11 is a little different from everyone else’s

I almost want to see the story on this as much as i want to see Avengers Endgame.. Mortal Kombat 11 is by far our most anticipated game of this year, promising more awesome fights, intriguing takes on characters new…

Understanding movie and series distribution: when they release, and where and how you can watch them.

A little help so you know where best to watch Game of Thrones or the next Marvel movie

Facebook is pulling Instagram, Messenger and it’s official app for Windows Phones

Abandon Ship Brothers!!….. As we’ve said before, being a Windows Phone user is the smartphone equivalent of an extreme sport. The platform has long been considered dead since 2016, and with Microsoft announcing that they will be ending official support…

Consumer tablets are useless

Or they’re at least wasted potential.

Apple Cancelling AirPower is a necessary pain that can help the whole tech industry

In cancelling a product, Apple has created a martyr On Friday, Apple cancelled their consistently delayed AirPower wireless charger, much to the dismay of Apple fans and most likely Apple investors all over the world. In a statement where Apple…

The phone has become the true Personal Computer (PC)

  Personal computer: the definition for this according to Oxford Learners Dictionaries  is “a computer for one person to use at work or at home”   and its pretty spot on from our simple understanding of the term. For over the…