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Checked out Facebook’s new design yet? You might want to

Spoiler alert: all the fun features are coming to mobile first.

NMB’s new tap card is proves there’s need to standardise payment methods.

Another great idea that may get drowned out by everyone not wanting to share

Facebook wants to encircle Africa with undersea internet cables

The project’s name though…… Facebook is apparently planning to run undersea internet cables around the continent to increase our internet bandwidth here, in a move to of course secure more African users for its social media empire. The project will…

Facebook is pulling Instagram, Messenger and it’s official app for Windows Phones

Abandon Ship Brothers!!….. As we’ve said before, being a Windows Phone user is the smartphone equivalent of an extreme sport. The platform has long been considered dead since 2016, and with Microsoft announcing that they will be ending official support…

Huawei P30 and P30 Pro: Bring out the Big Guns

We talked before about how the Samsung Galaxy S10s are amazing phones that basically set the bar for all other phones this year, and while we’ve seen some disappointing answers from LG and Sony, it seems Huawei is willing to…