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Elevate is hosting a competition for Vine makers, Skit Artists and all other kinds of young video content creators

Wonder if they’ll do a competition for the best Ray …… Econet’s youth-centric platform Elevate is holding a competition to recruit young video content creators who make short skits, “vines” (as some people call them) and other short films. Winners…

2019: The year we learn to say Goodbye

You may need to sit down and take this all in…

NMB’s new tap card is proves there’s need to standardise payment methods.

Another great idea that may get drowned out by everyone not wanting to share

Look out Netflix, Here comes Disney+ Tons of new shows along with at least 70% of your childhood……. We recently mentioned in our last post of how streaming services are the huge new “it factor” in movies and TV series and before that we covered…

Understanding movie and series distribution: when they release, and where and how you can watch them.

A little help so you know where best to watch Game of Thrones or the next Marvel movie


April fools 2019: A Collection of the best jokes from tech and Zim Companies

So now that everyone’s had their fill of being a goof, with tons of tech companies and a few of our own Zim ones getting in on the fun(even if they’re not exactly tech related), we figured we would compile…

MuGarden is the kind of multicultural/multi-background exchange Zimbabwe needs more of

Music and art like this can help us address the division within our nation