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iPhone 12 Pro Max Reviews: Apple finally has the best camera again

Though it’s not that big a victory.. This year’s iPhone line was topped off by the iPhone 12 Pro Max, a large phone with a full name that seemed as ostentatious as it is loud in design and principle. The…

The iPhone 12 Mini makes me miss the Galaxy S10e (and other great small Android phones)

Android seemingly needs to follow it’s gut more… So it’s been a few weeks since Apple released the iPhone 12 Mini, which to me has been the most interesting of this year’s iPhones. This is because it’s exactly like the…

Xbox Series X review roundup: The PC-like beast that needs new games.

Really worth paying attention to.. Xbox fans gather up! Or really anyone who loves games and great consoles should pay attention, because the Xbox Series X is an amazing console that’s meant for anyone who loves being a gamer. It…

Playstation 5 review roundup: It’s huge, it’s awesome , it’s probably worth buying after about a year.

But you’ll want it now anyway.. So after almost a year of reporting about the PS5 , some of you may find it weird that it took us an extra week to talk about it after the whole internet basically…

Dawn of an ARMy: Just how influential will Apple’s move to ARM based CPUs for Macs be?

With their upcoming ARM PC event, it’s time we see how much of an effect Apple’s new chips could have on the PC and processor industry as a whole..

Xiaomi phone names are confusing, and this video at least tries to explain why.

Making sense of this tangled mess just brings a bad name to all Chinese smartphone companies..

The PS5’s UI shows a redesign that goes beyond looks.

Sony wants to enhance the PS5 experience beyond just games…