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The phone has become the true Personal Computer (PC)

  Personal computer: the definition for this according to Oxford Learners Dictionaries  is “a computer for one person to use at work or at home”   and its pretty spot on from our simple understanding of the term. For over the…

Foldable smartphones: the new benchmark for smartphone manufacturers

Every year in the smartphone world, there’s always a certain design or technology trend that one manufacturer like touts first and everyone also copies because it seems like it’s what the market will want, usually based on the press coverage…

How-To Guide on: USSD Codes

You know how useful these tend to be. Here’s a guide to make sure you never forget them.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 family : Everything you need to know

A quick roundup of everything Samsung’s amazing new flagship phones have to offer

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A little introduction to who we are and what we do