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Sponsored: Five Reasons why The Conjuring : The Devil Made me do it is actually a great date movie

No jokes, here me out…..

The Conjuring: The Devil made me do it was probably one of this year’s most anticipated horror flicks, and for anyone who was looking forward to it, it delivered. The movie becomes a little more psychological with it’s brand of horror bringing set pieces that make you wonder what’s real and what’s not ,and while one could argue The Conjuring or horror movies in general aren’t good for a date with a loved one (or even some friends), we have six reasons that state why this could actually be the perfect date movie for many.
  1. Horror movies make great date movies anyway.

If you really don’t know this one then you’re probably giving me and the rest of the TZP staff reason to believe there’s something wrong with us. But think about it, you’re alone, in your home, or even in a cinema, which hopefully someone you’re very fond of. You’re watching a movie that’s going to make both of you want to hold hands, sit closer to each other or just jump into each other’s arms. Sure Action or rom-coms might give you more reason to laugh at everything or jump of your seat, but which genre makes you want to be closer as much as horror does? Thank me later.
  1. The premise makes it a pretty intelligent horror movie

Conjuring fans probably already know this quite well but this isn’t exactly your typical “twenty somethings go to a remote scary place and start getting killed off” franchise. The Conjuring prides itself on the setting of it’s two leads the Warrens be paranormal detectives and investigators that either try to find the source of a paranormal string of events in a town or vanquish it. This entry takes that oe step further as they aim to defend a man who essentially claims an evil spirit possessed him and made him commit murder. Everything that ensues is markedly different from the typical horror film and definitely worth paying attention to. Giving the audience (including whoever you watch this movie with) more to talk about even after the movie’s over as compared to just wanting to leave the house or cinema as soon as possible once the lights go out.
  1. Conjuring fans can actually find a lot of callbacks to previous films to talk about.

The one benefit of a good franchise is that it tends to bring a sense of history with it. Fnas can look at a character and see where they are or how they’ve grown as opposed to the previous movie, making the character seem more real or believable especially when it’s done right. Ed and Lorraine Warren show believable and relatable growth in these movies, including a plot point about Ed that’s both sympathetic and believable. If you and your chosen company are conjuring fans, this adds even more to talk about. If not, well then there’s intrigue that will be built to make you watch the other movies I’m sure.

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4. The Scary set pieces in this one are VERY different.

The scary scenes in this film are by far the most psychological they have been in the whole franchise. While in other films some scenes were the more predictable “scary” fair with someone getting attacked or ambushed in isolation, here they become cerebral as the new antagonist plays with victims and our protagonists’ heads, diving into their minds and bringing out past fears in a way that feels very refreshing from past movies. And especially in the atmosphere and ambience of a cinema with the sound coming from behind you or beside you at the right moment, it will definitely get your adrenaline pumping. If some of this doesn’t make everyone you’re watching with want to huddle together, we don’t know what will.

5. The bond between the Warrens is still the emotional core of the film.

We’ve talked about how scary and even intellectual this film is, but at its core is actually just a story about a husband and wife who try and fight evil together while making the world a better place in their own way. It’s admirable, relatable, and by its own merits, actually pretty sweet. It’s why we’d call this a great date movie at the end of the day, and something that will probably pull at your heartstrings regardless of who you watch this movie with.

And that mostly does it for The Conjuring: The Devil made me do it. If you haven’t watched it already, go check it out at your nearest Ster-Kinekor Cinema.  They’re open after all, and one’s the last time you enjoyed a good movie. We’ll even help you out by letting you enter in the competition for two free movie tickets below: just follow the rules and good luck!


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