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The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard Review: The bodyguard, the hitman and the con woman who need no further introduction.

Hitman Baby, one more time….get it?(Play Britney Spears’ Song in your head)

If you have seen the predecessor Hit’s Bodyguard then you are definitely not wrong if you are expecting gory violence, memorable vulgar one-liners and a story that is going to leave you wanting more. Director Patric Hughes commendably made sure that you do not need to have seen the original to understand the dynamic between the trio whilst still elevating the plot in the sequel. But is it as good as the original though? I definitely think so! Samuel, Ryan, and Salma have such great chemistry and that is what really pilots the movie.
The movie stars Ryan Reynolds (as Michael Bryce), a crack up, who has always considered himself to be the best bodyguard just like his father before him. However, after one mission goes wrong, he crumbles into nightmarish visions of incompetence and failure. Although he is on a mandatory sabbatical that does not allow him to carry any weapons and also graduates therapy seeking to leave his guarding days behind him, this does not stop Darius’ wife Salma Hayek (as Sonia Kincaid), from pulling him right back into the violent and gruesome world he is so clearly trying to avoid. Salma Hayek is not only sexy and alluring, but she steals every scene she is in with arguably the best performance amongst her cast. Some might argue cursing should be used conservatively and her excessive vulgarity feels like forced attempts to create humour with the audience. However, she does not miss the exact right time in most scenes to bring out maximum humour and satisfaction.
On the other hand, Samuel L. Jackson (as Darius Kincaid), a notorious hitman who clearly shows his dislike of Michael Bryce, lives up to his reputation shown in glimpses of snipery madness and finesse. He finds himself in a dilemma that leaves him no choice but to team up with Michael Bryce eventually building up the plot of the movie.

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Every good story deserves a worthy villain. Antonio Banderas (as Aristotle Papadopoulos) is not new to the action scene. He plays a shipping tycoon who mostly wants to bring Greece to its former glory as the pinnacle of world civilisation. Driven by his madness and utmost brutality, he commands and demands attention when ever he is behind the camera or in any room. However, he does play a predictable villain with not so much of a backstory which I feel could have been done much better considering he does fill his role perfectly.

The movie has good action scenes balanced with cheesy and vulgar comedy which is what we would love to see in this movie. It has a lot of scenes across Europe but mainly Italy, bringing out the exquisite arts, diverse family, astonishing architecture, rich music and divine food. Michael Bryce wants to give up on being a bodyguard again and making peace with it. He even goes for therapy due to the nightmares he has of Darius Kincaid and his failures. Whilst on a relaxing journey Sonya Kincaid drags him along to assist with saving her husband who had been captured by the mafia. The movie depicts how the trio forge a trustworthy relationship although they might be at each other’s throats every now and then. Just after freeing Darius the trio is captured by Interpol agent Frank Grillo as (Bobby O’Neill) originally stationed in Boston and clearly dislikes Europe. He gives them a daring ultimatum of challenging the feared Aristotle Papadopoulos which later on leads to a catastrophic series of events. Expect high speed chases, excessive gun fire and mindlessly exciting demolition of infrastructure.

The rest of the cast includes some pretty big names who did not get as much screen time as we might have loved but become very instrumental in major settings and scenes of the movie. Morgan Freeman (as Michael Bryce Sr), Michael’s legendary stepfather who has conned up an impressive reputation for himself in the business, who brings a twist in change of character however maintaining his celestial voice as we would have expected. 

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