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The Misfits Review : Introducing a whole new team of outsiders into the exciting world of action adventure

It’s no Fast 9, but it brings it’s own charm to the table…..

At first glance, The Misfits seems like another Fast and Furious clone. From the ethnically diverse team to the lively  car action, it would be easy to dismiss it as another copycat. However, spend a little more time on it and the movie will certainly surprise you with some of its more charming qualities. Director Renny Harlin ( Die Hard 2,  A nightmare on Elm Street 4) certainly does a commendable job of combining humor, action and morality issues into one enjoyable film.
The movie stars Richard Pace (Pierce Brosnan), a compulsive pickpocket with with the brain for much bigger jobs. He is introduced as the missing piece in a crew of not so petty criminals who call themselves the “Misfits” consisting of self-named bank robber Ringo (Nick Cannon) , a young pyrotechnic wiz, Wick (Mike Angelo), ass-kicking martial artist Violet (Jamie Chung) and con man/ “crown royalty”, “the Prince”   (Rami Jaber). Together, they plan on robbing a highly secure and sophisticated prison in the Middle East  that houses gold used to finance terrorist activities around the world.

The movie takes places mostly in the stunning cities of Abu Dhabi and Dubai, and this certainly adds to the film’s beauty. In fact it’s cinematography might be one of it’s best assets, as Harlin’s specific style shines when showing off these locations. If anything spectacle is where The Misfits shines most, with it’s big heist scenes being the definition of spectacle itself . If nothing else this is the kind of movie that will at least give you moments of hype when in the cinema, most of which are probably better with friends in the same way the best heist movies (yes including Fast and Furious) tend to provoke.
Unfortunately not all of the cast holds up as well as Brosnan
The cast mostly steals the show as well. Even in his later years, Brosnan can still effortlessly flash that mischievous glint that made him so much fun to watch in his prime as James Bond and Remington Steele in the ‘80s. The breezy action and relative good cheer from the characters (well, more from Ringo) suffice to entertain and give a bit of a feel-good element to the movie. Ringo again, is essentially Nick Cannon being an exaggerated version of himself, which may make some people’s mileage on him vary, but he essentially adds the right kind of levity to the film when needed. The rest do seem a little more note, with Wick and Violet essentially fitting their “cool deadly woman” and “brooding wildcard” especially being guilty of this, despite them being very capable in their action scenes.

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We already mentioned Ringo being an acquired taste as well, but his narration of the movie is also another low point as it gets to the point of narrating parts that need not be explained. Otherwise despite combining the acting legend that is Brosnan with what’s mostly a group of rookie actors or TV personalities from other countries actually proves to work in a way that many may not have expected. And that’s without considering that alongside Brosnan there’s the actually very talented Tim Roth who provides an interesting enough foil in Shultz. There’s a good enough dynamic between him and Brosnan’s Pace that makes their interactions some of the movie’s best moments and worth a laugh or two even.
And that’s where we kind of end up with the MisFits. Whilst the movie may be just a little bit on the cliché end of the spectrum (unconventional group of not-so-good-guys team up to take down the bad guys ) it has enough going for it to be a good time for anyone who watches it. It certainly does a lot to justify why its worth the watch, even if sometimes it tries too hard. So before you lose your mind to watch Fast 9 again, you might want to give this a go as well.  


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