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Apple’s Spring Loaded Event Recap: Impressive looking new iMacs, an (unreasonably?) more powerful iPad Pro and AirTags.

Well, 2021 seems to be going at a pretty good pace for new tech…

Apple had its first big event of the year yesterday, announcing a heap of new products it plans to launch and while not all of them have us raring at our seats, they made one thing clear: Apple isn’t playing this year, and we should all get ready for a year with a lot of exciting new products from them.

So let’s start with the iMacs

Now if you didn’t watch the recap video above, then you should know that the brand new 21-inch iMacs are definitely Apple’s big new play here and for good reason. Apple fan or not these are very impressive looking (and probably impressive performing) machines which we definitely hope to see in person soon somehow. Now powered by Apple’s revolutionary M1 chip, these Macs are already much faster than the Intel powered models they’re releasing, but also they’re a completely new aesthetic design that’s much thinner, sleeker and surprisingly more powerful while finally bring iMacs into the modern age of All-in-One PCs.

I personally used to goad Apple for falling behind against the designs of the Surface Studio line or multiple other Windows All-in-Ones that fed off its momentum. Now I’m looking at what Apple has essentially made as a hybrid between the XDR display and it’s iPads and I can’t help but smile. I’m not a complete fan of all the colors but I like the angle Apple is going for here. After all these specific iMacs are going to be more for home and family use, hence they’re not so impressive graphical and storage specs , being meant more as the home computer for everyone rather than the workstation beast for professionals.

They’ll likely be more than quite capable of most tasks however, especially with the M1 powering them as that chip currently seems like a holy grail of sorts. This doesn’t make these machines perfect however. In fact the four USB-C port approach is regrettable and considering that these machines aren’t upgradable in any way at all, there’s definitely an incentive to only buy the most expensive one if you plan to keep them for long. Also, when are you going to put touch on these things Apple, I mean you can tell they’re begging for it now.



The Overpowered iPad Pro

Then there’s the iPad Pro. Now, let’s be clear: I’ve always found this device to be the most confused one in Apple’s lineup, as Apple themselves hinder it on purpose software-wise from actually being a competent MacBook replacement. This year that only seems to have somehow gotten worse, because now the iPad Pro comes with the same M1 chip that’s in the newest MacBooks, yet remains with iPadOS, an operating system literally designed to keep this machine from reaching its full potential and thus you end up with an iPad that’s a lot faster, much more powerful, has maybe the second best display Apple has EVER made in it’s XDR Mini-LED display, and even a thunderbolt 4 port to access full on desktop PC accessories, and yet uses an operating system that will require an internet connection for you to even fully utilize your apps to their full potential.


To say it’s offensive would be an understatement, and I for one am waiting for the one guy on the internet who finds a vulnerability that lets you load MacOS onto this iPad instead. Only time will tell, but in case you want a really expensive tablet to mainly use as a drawing canvas, media machine or note-taking and reading machine, this is it.

AirTags finally arrive…yay?

Now let’s just put this on the table: AirTags are probably the most first-world country product on the market, along with Samsung’s Smart Tags and Tile’s tags as well. Essentially they’re coin sized little Bluetooth devices that you can track with your Apple devices using the Find My app. Due to they’re sized they’re perfect for attaching to keyholders, bags , pets , even young kids’ bag packs if you’re that paranoid and while they’re honestly pretty cool looking (along with Samsung’s as well), they’re definitely not the thing I would say Zimbo customers will be going crazy about soon. Maybe that purple iPhone 12 instead? Who knows?

There’s more to cover (including the Tim Cook Mission impossible based video above) which we’ll definitely look into especially as Apple’s devices start getting out in the wild but for now we would say that’s pretty much it. However, as we said before, Apple definitely seems amped this year, from the many more upcoming M-processor based PCs to their growing subscription services to hopefully another iPhone SE, there’s a lot to expect from the company, and personally, even I’m a little excited, and can’t wait to see how the rest of the tech industry responds too.


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