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March Madness : Get ready for a whole lot more stuff to watch this month

Here we go…

It has almost been a year since the pandemic started showing it’s effects in our country, with the first lockdown beginning about two weeks from now. The past year has been a testament to challenging times in Zimbabwe, and while we could easily list all the problems that we’ve been facing due to the pandemic, we can all at the very least agree that it gave us time to catch up on a lot of tv shows and movies . However, when each of us finally caught up on that show or movie franchise we wanted to watch, chances are we realized we didn’t have anything else to watch, because the pandemic also put a major stop to series and movie releases, whether from a production stage or a release one. Well, while 2021 hasn’t solved all of 2020’s pandemic problems yet, here’s one way it’s already proven to be better; starting this month, there’s going to be quite a whole lot of things to watch, so here’s a quick guide on March’s TV and movie madness.
Image: Deadline
March seems to be the starting point of a torrent of new shows, seasons and movie releases for this year, from all sorts of providers be it streaming services, movie studios or both. This is especially due to the semi-merging nature of the two, as moves like Warner Brothers moving all big movie releases to HBO Max are still shaking up the industry, as shown by Disney releasing Raya and the Last Dragon on Disney+ last week instead of big theatres. And if you thought that was the only big thing from last week you had to watch, you would be wrong. Coming 2 America (aka Coming to America 2) had most of social media buzzing last week, being the one thing outside of the Wandavision finale making waves. But buried in between the big buzz of both those shows is Netflix’s Pacific Rim: The Black, an animated tie-in to the often underrated giant robot movie franchise. The show itself is proving to be an underrated gem as well, being a pretty nuanced and admirable story of two siblings left alone in the world and fighting what seems to be an impossible battle in a part of the world that everyone forgot. It’s worth binging over the weekend (especially when you’re done with Wandavision and Coming 2 America) because it’s the only breather you’ll get anyway before next week’s big releases come at you.
And what are those big releases? Well for starters the Justice League Snyder Cut is the kind of geek-centric release that DC movie fans and movie snobs alike want to see just so they can prove whether controversial director Zack Snyder knew what he was doing at all when he decided to tackle DC’s heroes. And if DC doesn’t really scratch your itch chances are Marvel’s Falcon and The Winter Soldier will, being a post Avengers Endgame story that essentially continues the Captain America storyline while setting up an international espionage buddy-cop type action series for both its leads. The Snyder Cut will be released on the 18th of March while Falcon and the Winter Soldier is one day later on the 19TH.

And say DC and Marvel’s comic based offering’s aren’t enough for you? Well Amazon Prime’s invincible might end up filling your palette instead coming out the following week on the 26th . And normally an animated show from a lesser known comic studio wouldn’t really excite us, but considering that Amazon Prime brought us The Boys and has some of the same producers and writers on this show, there’s reason to take notice. And if Invincible somehow skips you, chances are HBO Max’s Godzilla vs King Kong definitely won’t. After all it’s a loud movie who’s main purpose is to show to giant monsters fighting it out. It’s sensory overload at its fullest, and chances are you won’t want to miss it(though technically you might want to watch Kong Skull Island and Godzilla King of the monsters to be all caught up because everything is a connected universe now).

And this is all in addition to tons of other shows or smaller screen movies that have been running before or throughout March. Be they anime, a less popular Netflix show or a straight to TV movie that’s better than people give it credit for. Along with the still coming torrent of content in the coming months, March 2021 starts the beginning of an entertainment season that 2020 never had, and we could all use that. Guess we can wait for our vaccine shots in an entertained state after all.

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