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WhatsApp for Desktop now has voice and video calls!

I guess I finally have a reason to stop using WhatsApp web…

WhatsApp’s Windows and Mac desktop apps now support video and voice calls for everyone after rolling out the feature to a select number of users in December. It’s a much needed addition in a time where social distancing and video calls are still all the rage, and as such you should definitely update to the latest versions of WhatsApp (for both your PC/Mac and your phone) to take full advantage of it.
Due to it’s recent privacy concern debacles, WhatsApp  and Facebook could probably use all the good credit it can get, and they have already made it a point that the calls will be end-t0-end encrypted. This could cause some issues for niche users like me who wouldn’t mind recording some calls for podcast sessions, but then again WhatsApp never supported that on mobile either so it’s not a big deal.
There is the caveat that for now theses calls are person-to-person, in other words group calls are not yet supported, though WhatsApp did say such a feature will be coming soon.

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