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So we now know why Econet cancelled e-Learning bundles

Well, technically, they didn’t….

So Econet’s e-learning bundles where a welcome addition to their offerings when they finally became accessible from the usual data bundle *143# portal last year. Unfortunately for the past 2 or so months they disappeared again, and no one seemed to be a fan of that. After all despite having only one 10GB offering going for ZWL $1120 , the bundles had struck a sweet spot between the 8GB and 15GB  private Wi-Fi bundles and likely found pretty wide adoption. Well we    reached out to Econet on social media and they finally replied us with the following:

“Hie  @perspectivezim, kindly note that we are experiencing challenges on the platform for purchasing eLearning bundles. However, efforts are underway to resolve the issue at the earliest possible time. Our sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused. In the meantime, you may purchase Private WiFi bundles by dialing *143# and selecting option 4: WIFI Bouquets. For any other inquiries, please follow the link: and register on self-care for free.”

So as you can see apparently it’s “technical issues” that are hindering everyone from having access to elearning bundles again. And of course one could feel a little skeptical about that, after all what kind of technical issue could cause a specific bundle package to just disappear , but  a benefit of the doubt can and should be given here and instead we can only further speculate that perhaps Econet aims to reintroduce them at a later point with again similar pricing to before, specifically somewhere in between the now $1300 8GB bundle and the $2000 15GB bundle. Hence a price point of perhaps $1500 would be best. Again this is us just speculating (and hoping Econet is listening) but this will all be seen with time. We’ll all see how Econet proceeds and when elearning bundles will return especially in this ever confusing time.
Stay tuned for updates.

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