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Haven is the perfect game to play with your loved one this Valentines

It’s not perfect, but it’s quite special…

Gaming for the most part is an interesting form of media in how most people perceive it. It often blurs lines in terms of how you define it, is it a program or is it art? Is it for a specific demographic or is it for everyone? Do all games fit into a genre or are the best ones not clearly defined by labels. And most importantly, is gaming an emotional experience? One that can affect not only you but whoever you choose to play with? That’s the question that Haven tries to answer, as it’s a game that aims to leave a mark on you not only in its story and setting, but how it’s meant to be played with preferably someone close to you.
As the IGN Review above shows, Haven’s a bit of a unique experience especially in today’s gaming landscape. Where most big games are pushing for massive online multiplayer experiences where players compete and the the story is either secondary or non-existent, Haven instead is a story driven experience about two lovers exploring the stars and getting into all kinds of adventures as they go from planet to planet. It’s two leads   Yu and Kay are defined not by some early attraction that many stories based on love show, but instead the time they’ve already spent together, the experiences they’ve been through and the stages and challenges they will have to reach and overcome in future. That’s the part that’s largely up to the players, as the interactions of  Kay  and Yu determine a huge part of how the game will go for you. This ranges from dialogue trees to actual JRPG-style battles against enemies that you are literally curing of hate. A bit cheesy yes but sincere in what the game aims to do, which is show that any human relationship, romantic or otherwise, requires being worked on and attended to. There’s a need to put in constant effort, to be observant and tolerant, but to also not be afraid to speak out when you feel the need to express something. Haven handles these concepts quite impressively, as character dialogue can lead to better power-ups and performance in battles, cooking each other specific meals in-game can lead to stat boosts, and even special moves can be achieved if the protagonists where in a better place before the battle started. It’s what makes the game even better if you’re fortunate enough to play it with someone you care about, as it becomes an experience you can share that reminds you the importance of human bonds.
Hence in case you needed a quick present this valentines, or just want to do something with a family member, friend, or special  partner that you both could enjoy and perish long after the 14th, maybe see if you can get your hands on this. It’s much easier to get on PC(I won’t say how) , but hopefully you guys can get to enjoying it.

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