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Zimbabwean Twitter is going crazy over a….disproportionate Mbuya Nehanda Statue

Well, this might brighten up or ruin your day..

So in an interesting turn of events today, the supposed upcoming Mbuya Nehanda statue was shown and the reaction on Twitter from Zimbabweans has been….telling to say the  least. We’ll just let you read a bit of it from the two threads below:

And well if that didn’t give you enough context well allow us to explain for official purposes. The Mbuya Nehanda statue project has been a point of contention among Zimbabweans simply due to it arguably being the most ill-fated timing to build a monument of any kind in the country’s history, with COVID-19 adding unspeakable strain to the country’s already unstable economic situation. As the Zimbabwean public hasn’t been a fan of this however, it seems the recent showing of this …differently proportionate take on the Chimurenga icon has left many Zimbabweans on Twitter with much to laugh at and complain about. Debates are ranging from what a statue should stand for to what an ideal Zimbabwean woman should look like, as that seems to be the aim of the statue. Regardless we’ll let you search for the word “Nehanda” on your Twitter and let the rest come to you. But for us, any situation where Mbuya Nehanda and Megan Thee Stallion are compared makes us…view the irony of life, among other things, with newfound appreciation. Simply put, we’re laughing. A lot.

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