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Playstation 5 review roundup: It’s huge, it’s awesome , it’s probably worth buying after about a year.

But you’ll want it now anyway..

So after almost a year of reporting about the PS5 , some of you may find it weird that it took us an extra week to talk about it after the whole internet basically exploded with PS5 reviews last week. But that was on purpose. We instead wanted to take a more longform look at Sony’s new game console, taking in as many details from as many reviews as we could find, and we finally came up with the right conclusion to how most of us should feel about buying Sony’s new console, one which you can find out by reading (and watching) what’s below.
So let’s start with the broad strokes here, the PS5 is big , beautiful(depending on your aesthetic preferences) and a bold statement from Sony that this is what next generation gaming looks like. It’s the direct opposite to the approach Xbox is taking with the series X, where essentially for them, Xbox is now a platform that spans across the consoles, PC and even smartphones with cloud gaming. While Microsoft wants you to join the Xbox ecosystem whichever way you want, Sony is making it clear that this is the PS5 and on it you will get an experience like no other. And let’s start with how this thing looks because well, it’s definitely something. The look grows on you but considering that we’ve already used the word bold, this time I’ll go with the word ostentatious. The PS5 was designed to stand out, in a similar way to how the PS3 was. In fact I find there to be an odd similarity between the two, with their slightly out of left field approach to design and the definite fact that they’re a flex from Sony feeding off the wins of the last console. The P55’s design is a sign of that, but honestly if you can get past it’s size (it’s even bigger than my FAT PS3) , you’ll likely find a spot for it in your heart.
Now back to the word experience, as it’s what Sony wants to sell you on with this console. The company want’s the PS5 to feel unlike any other console on the planet . The want to offer a whole immersive journey for the PS5 , ranging from what you see on your TVs with it’s 4K output, to what you hear with it’s 3D audio on supported headphones , to even what you feel with the impressive DualSense controller. It seems after decades, Sony might have finally really caught up to the Xbox’s controller design, if not actually surpassed it as the DualSense behaves like no other controller on this earth, with haptic feedback that would make even the best smartphones blush. Currently the best game utilizing these haptics is the demo-esque Astro’s Playroom, but honestly if there’s any feature I’m hoping makes it onto every PS5 exclusive, it’s this one. Imagine feeling different vibration patterns of an engine’s roar in Gran Turismo, or the resounding thud of Kratos’ axe come back into your hand in God of War. The DualSense has set a new standard for how games can become more immersive, and if anything all I’m waiting for is how they make some of it’s feature make their way into VR controllers.
And now that we’ve talked about the way this thing looks and the way it feels, time to talk about how it plays. And well, the consensus there is….great. We’re not really surprised here, after all it’s a next-gen console with an SSD that’s arguably the fastest consumer grade one on the planet and more than enough power to impress most. The Xbox Series X is more powerful on paper, but Sony’s made a habit of doing more with less, and with no real games made to test both these consoles to their limit yet, we reckon you won’t be wishing for the Series X’s extra 2 Teraflops of power. What you might be wishing for is more games at launch however. The PS5 of course does come with some extensive PS4 backward compatibility, in fact one of the reasons to buy it is to play all your PS4 games on better hardware with faster load times and maybe some better frame rates. But as far as games that showcase what the PS5 itself can do, you’ve only got some Sony stalwarts like Spider-Man : Miles Morales and Astro’s Playroom, along with cross-generation games like Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla which won’t be optimized for the new console. It’s actually this one factor that makes me hold off on the PS5, as unless you’re the flex mode type who’s really keen to feel what the console can do and post it online, you definitely don’t need to buy one this year especially in this economy. It’s definitely an impressive machine and has an amazing roster of games coming up. But they’re mostly not here yet, and because of that even spending up to the end of next year not having bought one isn’t a bad idea, as it seems to be only after then will big games stop coming onto the PS4. However if you feel you can’t handle the wait, well just clear up a lot of space close to your TV , and get ready for a console that will likely leave you with a smile on your face.
Here we go!

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