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WhatsApp’s New Storage Management Feature makes the it a little less straining on your phone’s memory.

We could probably all use it..

WhatsApp is essentially the most important app in Zimbabwe, and we all love it for good reason. But chances are, we’ve all come across the one thing that makes most of us type a status saying “lost chats” , : it’s terrible memory management. WhatsApp is the kind of memory hungry beast that can make people reformat their whole phones if left unchecked. Thankfully the engineers behind the app have started addressing this, and the new sttorage management feature is a good first step, making it easier to manage storage or clear duplicates through content that is often forwarded, among other features. You can check out some more details in the teaser below.
Hopefully this new feature leads to developments that completely do away with WhatsApp eating your memory, but again, for now, we’ll settle for even this minor development.

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