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Xiaomi phone names are confusing, and this video at least tries to explain why.

Making sense of this tangled mess just brings a bad name to all Chinese smartphone companies..

Like what you see? Good, now try naming any of these.
Xiaomi phones (among other Chinese brands) have gained a lot of popularity around the world, and more so in Zim over the past few years. But chances are if you’ve bought one or are looking for one , chances are you’ll run into a pretty substantial hurdle when trying to identify the phone: the name. Xiaomis phone names are long, indecipherable, and borderline make no sense, and the video below , courtesy of TechAltar on YouTube at least tries to explain why that is (spoiler: you won’t like the reason).
Now to be fair, smartphone names , or phone names in general haven’t always been a talent every company has. Just look at pre-2010 Nokia if you want an example. But even most of the Android phone makers have cleaned up their act and pretty much created consistent, easy to understand product lines in the same way Apple has for years. Unfortunately Xiaomi didn’t get the memo, and the company is guilty on multiple occasions of releasing one phone with two names, two phones with one name, and an actual naming scheme that actually makes no sense. For example, let’s look at competitors Apple and Samsung, we know that their highest phones come in the Max, Pro ,+ and Ultra categories respectively. It makes for long names but chances are if you’re buying an iPhone with the name Pro or a Galaxy with the name Ultra you’re likely buying the best phone each company has to offer. With Xiaomi however, the names Note, Pro, X , Ultra , Max literally get thrown around all over the place, from cheap Redmi phones to high end Xiaomi phones. It’s the definition of confusing even if it does have a reason: regional availability. Apparently these phone’s names are driven by that along with Xiaomi’s reactive approach to making phones, where usually they’re just trying to make a phone that competes with whatever the competition is selling in that region hence can even name it in a similar way e.g. a Redmi Note being aimed at taking a few Galaxy Note Buyers. It’s the kind of sly, underhanded approach that only a Chinese company could take, but of course it makes sense in the context of how these companies tend to act.
Either way, if you’re buying a Xiaomi phone or looking for accessories for it, you might want to do some research on if it has any other names, or what the name even means. It will save you a lot of headaches.

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