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Say Hello to Microsoft Student Ambassadors Tech communities at HIT and UZ.

A little bright spot for our future..

Here at TZP we’ve made it a bit of a habit of ours to spend some time looking up local software development, programmer and tech enthusiast groups as we’ve seen some amazing things come from groups of tech savvy Zimbabweans working together. We already did a list of some of the groups that you can join too, but today we’re even more proud to state that another internationally recognizable, Microsoft approved, group of communities has started at the Harare Institute of Technology (HIT) and the University of Zimbabwe(UZ). Say hello to the Microsoft Student Ambassador communities at both these universities.
Now what is Microsoft Student Ambassadors you may ask? Well Microsoft Learn Student Ambassadors (as it’s fully called) it’s an international community of students than Microsoft themselves have picked to, in their words,“be a force for good” and use tech to educate and empower their peers and community. It is in some concepts similar to Google Developer Groups and even their Developer Student Clubs programs, but of course focused a little more on the technologies, tools and opportunities that have to do with Microsoft’s ecosystem, which is actually quite wide considering the company also develops apps and services even for rivals’ products like Android and the iPhone. As mentioned before Microsoft chooses a Student Ambassador per school and for Zimbabwe they have chosen our own Editor in Chief Mr. Clint Mukarakate from HIT and Mr Takudzwa Chikasha  from UZ. Both these clubs will be hosting virtual events for now (because COVID) but you can check out the first one from HIT in the Microsoft Teams link below.
Join Here!
Both ambassadors have said you can contact them for more details on the Student Ambassador program and their communities in the contact details below and hope to hear from developers, students and tech professionals from all over Zim as their tech communities continue to grow.
Clint (HIT)
Number (Whatsapp): 0738176575
Number :0771338439

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