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The Hummer is Back! And it’s a 1000HP Electric Vehicle.

This…makes no sense, but it’s AWESOME!


Anyone remember the Hummer? You know that big , over-the-top, crazy car that was all the rage in 2000s (and is still owned by some big-time Zimbos)? Well, it’s back. The originally military vehicle (which you can thank Arnold Schwarzenegger for bring to the mass market) was abandoned in the late 2000s mainly because  of the global recession and the car’s gas guzzling fuel economy, but now GMC has made it come back as the exact opposite of what the Hummer used to be: an electric vehicle.
No joke, the new Hummer is a 350-Mile?563km range , electric truck with the ability to drive diagonally(called crab walking) and 1000Horsepower (you know, the figure you used to get crazy about when you saw it on the Buggati Veyron?). It looks as outlandish as ever and we’ll let the video below go into more detail but, let’s just take a moment here and say that if this car doesn’t prove that electric cars are inevitable, nothing does. After all last year’s Ford Mustang Mach E got people all rattled and yet it’s being accepted just fine, despite the Mustang brand also essentially standing for combustion engine horsepower. But times are changing, and we should all sit along for the ride and enjoy the change.


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