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iPhone 12 and 12 Pro Reviews: One justifies it’s existence whilst the other might not.

It’s an interesting gamble on these two..

Okay, it’s iPhone time again, and with 4 new phones out and a lot of confusion as to which one most people should buy and which one is the best one. Well after we did some internet scouring (because again, we don’t have phones when they’re new, Zimbabwe problems) and found most reviewers’ own thoughts and opinions on them, we’ve pretty much come to this general consensus that we’ll elaborate on below: the iPhone 12 is probably a must get for most people (except iPhone 11 owners) while the iPhone 12 Pro is a harder sell, especially since unless you want 5G and the more refined design , you probably could get an iPhone 11 and get essentially the same experience. And yes we know we’re not considering the iPhone 12 mini or the 12 Pro Max right now, and that’s simply because those phones aren’t out yet. We’ll definitely do some coverage on those when they arrive , but for now let’s jump right in.


iPhone 12.

Ok, starting off with the regular iPhone 12, the story is pretty much this: it’s the iPhone 11, but probably better in essentially every way. For those who may remember, the iPhone 11 was actually the first iPhone we really got excited for here, because for all intensive purposes, it was Apple realizing they need to make a great phone that most people would be willing to buy because it would have a reasonable price to accompany it. The US $700 iPhone 11 did that, but now the 12 takes the 11’s design and refines it, making it smaller while the screen stays the same size, adds the iPhone 5-esque metal side rails for a boxier design, then throws in 5G, the same screen as the 12 Pro and other new bells and whistles including Apple’s new MagSafe accessory system. It’s actually a pretty big jump in specs, especially for an iPhone. The camera itself doesn’t seem to be the biggest jump, but considering that the iPhone 11s were the first time in years Apple finally gave the Google Pixel and Huawei’s P and Mate series some trouble, I’d say the 12 can hang on to essentially an incremental upgrade for at least one year. In fact if you haven’t watched The Verge’s video above, we’ll put it this way, if you’re an Apple fan, used to the rules , benefits and limitations of iOS and want a new iPhone this year (of all years) , then you can buy the 12. You’ll be pleased . The phone does what it’s meant to and it does it impressively . Simply put unless you prefer Android or have the iPhone 11, you now know the phone to get, and you won’t regret getting it.




So minor detour before we go to the 12 Pro, let’s just talk about 5G for a second. It’s not even a thing for Zimbabweans, and unlike the US where it might be in a year or two, or Europe where it’s been impressively rolled out so far, here it might take a minimum of 5 years to see even the beginning of proper 5G implementation. Hence it’s obviously not a reason to get this phone, even in the US. So why the big fuss over it? Well, two reasons. The first one would be the 5G industrial complex as a whole. Whether you still think 5G causes COVID-19 or not (it doesn’t), telecoms companies around the world and especially in the west are making it their bread and butter. 5G will be a huge push for new services, payment plans and pricing tiers for their customers, hence no telecom company can risk not having 5G be the main focus of their portfolio for the next 5-10 years , and since these telecom companies/mobile network providers/ carriers are the main distribution channel in developed countries, even Apple had to give into the 5G hype movement even if they know the technology isn’t really ready yet. In fact there’s even incentives for the company to do it, with carriers in the US especially promoting sales of 5G devices over anything else and moving more of those units in sales, and of course Apple had to have a piece of that pie too. Then there’s the second reason: future proofing. If 5G becomes the big deal that people keep being told it is, then about 2 years from now, the iPhone 12 will essentially become the default iPhone, with most people around the world owning that model because it’s the cheapest one that has 5G. Simply put, you might not buy the iPhone 12 Series now, but chances are 2 years from now, these might be the most attractive iPhones on the planet. Now let’s move on to the 12 Pro.


iPhone 12 Pro

Now the weird thing about both the regular iPhone 12 and the 12 Pro is that while both these phones seem great, they both come with an asterisk of the fact that arguably better versions of them are coming in just a few weeks in the form of the iPhone 12 Mini and the 12 Pro Max. Now in the case of the 12 and the 12 Mini, we could wave away the fact that some people want a bigger screen, hence will stick to the bigger iPhone 12. However, with the 12 Pro Max and the regular 12, it’s harder to recommend the base Pro phone as it could (again, could) be an under-cooked version of the 12 Pro Max. But we’ll get back to this. Let’s start with the basics, the 12 Pro is a compelling phone, a great one if you’ve never played with a “Pro” iPhone before. So if you don’t have the 11 Pro or Pro Max, this might be a good buy for you. But if you do have the 11 Pros, then the Pro Max might be the only one that gets your fancy because well, it’s got a better camera, which besides the screen, is likely why you would buy a “Pro” iPhone anyway. Add in the fact that the regular iPhone 12 , especially if you get a version with higher storage, is almost a match for this year’s 12 Pro, and you realize that the regular iPhone 12 Pro is the hardest sell for Apple this year for simply lacking any differentiating feature. Add in the fact that this is the worst year to buy anything costing $1000 let alone a phone and you realize why waiting for the bigger, badder Pro Max is likely better. After all if you’re going to splurge on an expensive iPhone you might as well go for the most expensive one right? Maybe. I wouldn’t know, I’m not a crazy iPhone buyer. But if you are one, you know the 12 Pro Max probably has your number instead.

And those are our thoughts on the first 2 of the new iPhones. They’re both great devices, especially if you’ve already picked up a taste for Apple’s side of the smartphone court. I know I’m personally still excited for the latter two, especially the Mini, but I know people will still have a blast with these ones. After all , it’s an iPhone. All most Zimbos want it to do is take good pictures and show an Apple logo right?


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