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This video actually gives you a good idea of what it’s like using a next-gen console.

There’s benefits even if you can’t buy the new games yet..


So in year that’s been full of uncertainty and all sorts of craziness around the world, the PS5 and Xbox Series X(And S) are still launching in November as planned to pretty steep prices. But if the frugal part of your mind is asking you why you would want one of these consoles, especially in a year that’s been as crazy as this one, well we’ve got you covered as the Verge video below gives you a pretty simple but informational insight of what’s in Microsoft’s Xbox Series X.
Now, yes this is only a Series X and S video, because hands-on PS5 videos are scarce and Sony hasn’t let any non-Japanese press get their hands on the console, unfortunately. It’s all partially also the fault of the pandemic, as by now there usually would have been shows like Gamescom were tech media would have played with both consoles. But since that’s not an option, let’s get back into Microsoft’s beauties here. As the video above shows, Microsoft’s been sending out preview Models of the Xbox Series X and Dummy units for the S, while letting press test the capabilities of the Series X even if it’s mostly with current gen games for the Xbox One. Regardless, even if you wouldn’t buy some Series X/S exclusives games (the very few that exist considering the Xbox One and Series X share games), you can definitely enjoy your current games a lot better due to the next-gen console’s SSD , much faster processor and crazy powerful GPU. In fact the Series S and Series X enhance a lot of current games , and that’s without counting the special enhanced versions either. It’s not necessarily enough to make you buy the $500 console versus the now $200 Xbox One S, but it makes you appreciate the upgrade.
Another big benefit is the cooling of these systems, because to put it simply, so far you simply can’ hear the Series X’s fan, and as far as current gen games are concerned, it barely ever has to run. The PS5 itself has been unveiled to be focused on staying VERY cool as well, but considering it’s the Series X that’s been shown running anything so far, we can give it props for the amazing thermal management.
And of course lastly, as the video itself highlights, these innovations will be likely shared among the consoles, but the fact that they’re here at all is the biggest hurrah. The next generation of gaming will make current games that much better and bring even better games as well, and in the end, isn’t that what we all want?

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