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Econet brings back eLearning bundles and they can now be bought directly from your phone!

It’s about time they listened….

Econet’s finally heard the cries of many and brought back eLearning Bundles the way they were supposed to: as an option under their normal data bundle offerings, making them available for everyone, student and non-student alike, but with the added advantage of convenience to the former of course. The bundles can be selected from the *143# menu shown below, with only one option for $1120 for 10GB currently available.

We had written a few times now about how the initial bundle model was flawed, and had already made competitors NetOne and Telecel follow suit in the worst way possible. Said method has schools essentially reselling the bundles as wholesalers, and that led to black market rings for bundles that even included Econet employees. Now however it seems this has all been democratized , and we can hopefully see the right kind of adoption for these bundles as well. Of course, non-educational buyers will jump in too, but we all know Econet wants the money anyway so frankly who cares.
Regardless, Econet made the right call here, and we hope NetOne and Telecel will follow suit as well, and will keep you updated on any moves in this space.

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