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Get Ready for TikTok to get a little lonelier, as U.S. President Trump bans it from mobile app stores starting tomorrow.

And WeChat is banned too…

If you’ve just gotten into TikTok and followed the wave of its growth, you might be a little disappointed as literal millions of new users might start dropping off the app as Donald Trump has officially sent out an order to ban the app from major mobile app stores in the USA. This moves comes after Trump and the U.S. Commerce department’s push for TikTok to be sold off to a U.S. company in the name of protecting American users’ data. Companies Microsoft Oracle and even retail giant Walmart all placed a bid to buy TikTok but after some resistance from Chinese parent company ByteDance, as well as the Chinese government, Microsoft dropped out of the bid and it seems the company itself might not be sold.
Hence the U.S. Commerce department sent out an order on Thursday night banning new downloads of TikTok from both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store with alternatives like Amazon’s Fire Store expected to follow suit. This would of course mean the app’s momentous growth in the U.S. would stagnate or halt and likely cause other U.S. users to drop off and affecting the app overall. It’s of course the kind of business destroying move that the Trump administration did to Huawei last year, reducing the overall market and value of its devices, and now it’s trying the same with TikTok. It also brings the majority of social media titans to be U.S. companies again, which creates an overall unfair monopoly that’s already been criticized in the tech industry, but of course likely won’t be acted upon much if even said critics are mostly from the U.S.
Regardless tomorrow the true strength of TikTok will be tested. After all maybe it can become a hit outside of the U.S. still similar to how WhatsApp is much more popular everywhere else except for the U.S.A. . But WhatsApp is owned by Facebook. Hence Trump doesn’t actively try to stagnate its growth. We’ll have to see how it all goes. But regardless, TikTok might become a lot less fun after tomorrow.


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