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The PS5 launches on November 19th for US $500

With the non-disc Digital Edition going for $400

Sony has finally unleashed the price of the PS5 after last week’s reveal of the Xbox Series X price of USD $500 (along with the $300 Series S). Sony’s PS5 will be matching the Series X for a starting price of $500 as well, with it’s Digital only Edition selling for $100 less for $400. This is because outside of the disc drive, the two consoles are essentially identical while Microsoft’s Xbox Series S is a step down in the graphical department from the Series X (even if barely so for most people.

Either way with the gates of the upcoming console war officially open we can’t wait to see how this all turns out; from which consoles people will  rush to buy and which games or services will influence those choices. Sure the Xbox’s biggest benefits (Gamepass and 4K gaming) aren’t exactly a big draw in Africa yet but that could change with time. While Sony of course will stick to what they know best: games, with Spiderman: Miles Morales already expected to be the early system seller for the PS5. Whether or not it will do that remains to be seen.
Let the games begin.


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