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Chadwick Boseman’s final tweet is the most liked tweet ever.

How we say goodbye during COVID-19

Following the Black Panther star’s death, Chadwick Boseman’s Twitter account reached a peak of over 7,7 million likes for the actor’s final tweet which announced his death after four year’s of battling colon cancer, marking a bittersweet achievement that at the least shows the world aiming to simply say farewell to the actor, who in a short time had struck the hearts of many through his portrayal of King T’Challa in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, beginning in Captain America:Civil War and ending with last Year’s Avengers: Endgame.
Boseman’s death caught the world off-guard on Sunday morning, adding to what is seemingly a year of dispair as already many people are affected by the world’s many struggles, beginning with COVID-19 and all the effects of the pandemic, to civil rights movements for black people around the world, and of course our own #ZimbabweanLivesMatter. Add in multiple deaths due to COVID-19 or an unending list of ailments, and you realise that even what seems like the death of a movie star has been an impactful lost for communities around the world, black or otherwise. This is without of course thinking about the impact Boseman had on the movie industry, his recent rise to fame and the impact Black Panther , both the movie and the character had on the cinema landscape. Hence it’s a loss that has truly been felt, and TZP can only offer condolences for the Boseman family.
And for our fellow Zimbabweans, yes , we acknowledge there’s more deaths happening, and some which may not be due to natural causes, we can’t unfortunately talk on that, but we aren’t ignoring that either. Please acknowledge that.

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