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Gotham Knights is the DC’s answer to the upcoming ‘Marvel’s Avengers’ video game

A slightly different beast with the same ambitions..

We’ve talked about Marvel’s Avengers game a few times here, and have been keeping watch on the soon to be released AAA title, noting how it’s ambitious, but also seems a little confused about the type of game it wants to be. While all this was happening however, it seems WB games, the Warner Brother’s division that oversees all DC based video-games, had a studio working on something of it’s own to go head to head in offering a superhero-themed live multiplayer game that has some single player story components. Proving once and for all that the (pointless) Marvel vs. DC war will continue to all possible frontiers, say hello to Gotham Knights.
Now if you’ve seen either of the trailers above, you might notice a lot of similarities to the now legendary Batman: Arkham series of games, which were single player action-stealth open-world games. This isn’t a coincidence, in fact despite only being revealed now, Gotham Knights has been whispered and rumored about for years now, with bits of its story, setting and development leaking heavily the past two years. Initially, it was meant to be some form of a direct follow-up to Arkham Knight, hence the setting of  Batman being seemingly dead and a lot of his protégés stepping up to protect the city. However the game has since had a lot of changes made, being put into a new universe, and being set as a new (maybe) always online beast similar to Destiny or of course this game’s competition, Marvel’s Avengers. It seemingly retains most of the mechanics from the Arkham series however, from the stealth to the combat and seemingly the ability to still play the game solo, with drop-in/drop-out multiplayer being the way it aims to tackle its live online game approach. In fact it seems the Arkham games(Knight in particular) have essentially been refashioned into this live-server game and while that raises some concerns especially since those games were designed with single player mechanics in mind, it does give one the satisfaction of knowing that these games might offer a tighter single player experience and based on the demo above, give tighter control to the combat as well. I mention this specifically, because based on some people’s experiences, this is the area in which Avengers is lacking, seeming like an unfocused game whose dual approach of a great ,2018 Spiderman-esque approach to story seems to clash a little with it’s Destiny-style approach to online multiplayer. This doesn’t mean Gotham Knights is better however, in fact, all people have seen is one demo and even Avengers hasn’t been released yet, so really the jury’s definitely still out on which will be better. And that’s something I definitely want to see.

Meanwhile since this will be some form of a live game, I’m looking forward to some extra characters in the coming years, namely Damian Wayne Batman’s son, maybe finally Green Arrow because he’s really easy pickings for a game like this and obviously Batman himself, because we all know he’s not really dead. And I’m sure we’ll see that when the game releases in 2021.

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