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Microsoft Flight Simulator is the type of escapism during Lockdown that all of us need.

Well, if you flew a lot..

Microsoft’s new Flight Simulator game is kind of a technical marvel, holding up industry leading physics models, detailed plane cabins and even better, an incredibly detailed world that honestly makes you feel like you’ve finally escaped lockdown and are back out flying again(if that was your thing before that is).
Simulation games in general tend to not be my thing, be it racing (I prefer Need For Speed over Forza), Fighting(Tekken or Mortal Kombat over any boxing game) or flying(me Ace Combat over this any day). But with Flight Simulator I kind of get it. I’m not a pilot myself (though I wouldn’t mind getting a civilian license) and I don’t understand the intricacies of flying, but even I appreciate the crazy level of detail applied to this game, from how to actually start a plane , to learning advanced realistic controls through a flight school , to the literal recreations of real-life locations (including Zimbabwe) that you can see below. Again, it’s the sort of escapism that we actually all crave a little in this lockdown, and it definitely makes one want to check this game out.  If you have a powerful enough  PC rig or an internet connected Xbox One, check it out on the Microsoft store for a demo at least. Oh and look up this awesome video of a flight route including Zimbabwe linked below!

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