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Perspectivecast:#ZimbabweanLivesMatter, American Congress Hearing lessons, Microsoft and TikTok and Galaxy Note 20 vs. Google Pixel 4A

The description for this episode does it no justice, we covered a lot in this one…

In our latest episode Clint and Tinashe have guest Tapiwanashe Manhombo on to discuss the #ZimbabweanLivesMatter online movement, it’s impact on Zimbabwe’s general socio-political state and what that may mean for free speech online as a whole. We also talk about last week’s American Congress hearing’s with the tech monopolies of Facebook, Google, Amazon and Apple and discuss what our own government should and shouldn’t learn from that. Then we get into some more conventional tech news talking about Microsoft buying TikTok, the Galaxy Note 20 phones and how the Pixel 4A would be the perfect Zimbabwean phone if it was widely available.

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