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The Battleground has changed

With Zimbabwean activism moving primarily to social media, it’s time to see how the battle evolves..

Yesterday was a surprising but impactful day for Zimbabwean activism, with a surge of online activism primarily through the #ZimbabweLivesMatter movement on Twitter as well as multiple thousands of posts on Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp statuses. It seems after last week’s planned protest was seemingly a quiet “flop” Zimbabwean activists have in fact upped their game to protest online and gain as much of the world’s attention as possible. These movements of course come from a country where free speech has continued to feel impeded, especially with even recent acts such as the abduction of Hopewell Chin’ono among others continuously pushing the narrative that speaking truth in this country is forbidden. Well it seems Zmbabweans have had enough, starting an on;line movement that has even gained the attention of multiple African and American celebrities including music artist Tinashe. It’s yet to be known how this situation will eveolve, perhaps those VPNs may be needed after all. But for now, the battleground has changed, Zimbabweans are having their voice heard online and it’s up to you to decide to add to it. A continous twitter thread of #ZimbabweLivesMatter is shown below



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