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Telecel has restored the capability to buy airtime on platforms like Hot Recharge, but there’s a catch

Seems there’s been some fundamental changes to how these platforms work…

Some airtime buying platforms like Hot Recharge have had their ability to buy Telecel Airtime restored, though it seems they have had to change their methods for doing this. The systems now offer virtual pin vouchers, just like juice cards instead of sending you the exact airtime you ordered to your mobile number. This would mean these systems are likely using some version of wholesale airtime buying instead of a credit based purchase system as was used before. This is likely due to financial debacles caused by the previous system and now some players like Hot Recharge have shifted the systems they use in order to continue being able to provide services to Telecel users. As we said in our last article, having over 5 days with users unable to buy airtime any other way besides physically and Paynow (which uses a similar virtual voucher system) was not a good look for Telecel, and hopefully the company itself had a hand in restoring these services. We’ll see how the company progresses in the days to come and can only hope their services remain reliable.

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