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With people being unable to even buy its Airtime, how does Telecel expect to make any money.

Help us help you Telecel..

For the past weekend at least, it sees Telecel users have had problems buying Telecel airtime from platforms that are not Telecash, meaning hot recharge, mobile banking or online alternatives like TechZim’s own airtime WhatsApp bot are currently unable to assist users in buying Telecel airtime especially through means such as EcoCash, Zipit or OneMoney. And as many of you may be guessing, this brings an obvious question to mind: how does Telecel hope to make any money here?
Now as some of you may know, we’re not strangers to critiquing or just complaining about Telecel, from their products to their customer service to how their company is run. Hence for many this may seem like a simple bash piece, and yet it’s message should be quite clear. We honestly are wondering if and how Telecel are making money at the moment if major platforms for procuring their most purchased product, airtime, are unable to do so. Of course there’s still buying airtime cards physically but in a pandemic that’s something a lot of people are still discouraged from doing. Using Telecash seems like an even more laughable option, as even the company’s own employees didn’t want to receive it as payment a few months ago. So it really has us worried as to how if at all Telecash is racking in money at the moment.

It All comes down to leadership.

The last time we talked about Telecel we mentioned that the company is in serious need of a leadership revamp (in fact we talked about that a second time in this Pespectivecast episode) and the statement still stands. We honestly have nothing against Mrs. Angeline Vere           but we do believe her and her leadership team could do a LOT better when it comes to managing these crises. It’s already been four days for the company without optimal trading capability or revenue streams. No CEO,CFO or COO should let things get to that point. And we’re sure some digging will unveil more as to the cause of all this, but regardless of what we find (likely unpaid debts), Telecel needs to get back on its feet. The company itself is a mess, and the country it’s in doesn’t help much either, but this lost ship still needs to steer itself right, for the sake of everyone involved in its circle, customer, employee, or otherwise.

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