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Econet has disbanded their Hourly Data Bundles.

They actually were pretty good when you think about them..

After about a month of trying them out to compete with NetOne and Telcel, it seems Econet has gotten rid of its hourly bundles for the time being as perhaps they were not attracting much usage from it’s customers. This is actually a little intriguing to us considering that Econet where actually offering respectable and even competitively priced packages, starting off at ZWL $22 for 1GB of data while NetOne’s own packages started at $30.
The reason these bundles likely didn’t take off was because, well, by definition, they are quite niche in terms of what they offer users. Hourly Bundles for many seem to be perfect only to download a significantly large(but not over 1 or 2 GB large) file which they can then access long after the 1 hour time limit is reached. And as for other uses, well perhaps anyone who wants to do some internet-based work on a PC and they have a feeling their operating system or apps may update in the background. Another use case is video calls, which are becoming all the more common with Zoom and Skype calls all over the place. But even these use cases don’t exactly speak to the masses as much, definitely not in Econet’s case that is. While Night Bundles for some are becoming an adaptable habit and daily bundles are still an unwise but necessary choice for others, it seems the hourly bundle didn’t quite hit home at the country’s biggest mobile network provider, even if it’s a shame to see them go. Perhaps Econet could finally come up with some mid-point between general data bundles and the hourly bundles, say a 6-hour or even 3-hour bundle for a similar amount of data and price. The company could make a killing with those if they tried, but of course that’s all up to them.
Either way, we’ll see how this week goes with Econet, especially with their continuing battles on the EcoCash side of things, and last week’s total drop in network coverage scaring most of us to believe the worst. Here’s to hoping things stay…decent.

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