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This video about making a DIY camera makes you appreciate how far we’ve come with actually come with cameras.

A lesson in gratitude….

Cameras are an interesting device in the general perception of humans and tech. Due to being around for over a century , they’re kind of a cross between both analogue and digital equipment, with “professional” cameras like DSLR or mirrorless cameras especially getting this rep while the cameras we get on our smartphones or obviously seen as more distinct. However despite its long, revered history, the modern camera in almost any form is a technological marvel and the video above about making a DIY custom camera using a Raspberry Pi and Python is a clear indicator of that.
We’ve already talked a bit about the evolution of cameras, especially how computational photography has essentially changed the game especially in smartphone cameras. But even if it wasn’t, normal cameras have taken leaps from the days when they took minutes to take a photo. What’s amusing here is the small caveats that The Verge’s Becca Farsace faced in getting her camera fully operational, from implementing the ouch display, to the power supply, to needing to carry a keyboard to take the photos. Let alone the change in picture quality based on how the picture was taking. It’s all an interesting mix of factors that you definitely think about when you consider even your smartphone camera now, things we take for granted like a battery, great image processing algorithms or just a button to press so we take the picture, is a testament of how far the camera has come, and in many ways how technology has grown as well.

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