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Revised Mobile Money Suspension: covers the basics but still puts a strain on people.

A little breathing room a lot of uncertainty..

The money platform suspension that began yesterday has thrown everyone on the expected loop of frustration, agitation and helplessness that’s become all too common in our nation. After some resistance from EcoCash based on no formal directive from the Reserve Bank, RBZ itself has put out a statement which revises yesterday’s announcement, catering to allowing basic transactions for paying utilities and for goods and services while making all mobile money liquidations be done only through the banking system. The official statement can be seen above.
As the statement reiterates, this is all meant to apparently catch and hinder “unscrupulous and unpartisan individuals and entities” who are hindering the economy. Whatever your thoughts on that may be the effects of this suspension on mobile money services is likely to still affect all of us somehow. The revised version is welcome, but we have yet to all see how much it affects us all in the coming days. And that’s all based on how this suspension lasts as well. Time again, is all most people seem to have. Hopefully it’s on all our side and this doesn’t last too long.

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