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iOS 14: the right kind of compromise for the right kind of complications.

The best iPhone Operating system HAS to steal from the competition at some point…

Apple’s WWDC showed off a crazy number of new features for all of Apple’s products, and OS updates to go with them. And as great as MacOS Big Sur was, most people’s attentions still definitely went to iOS 14, and well it was for good reason. This is by far the most drastic iOS update Apple has had in years, and that’s because it’s marked by something will probably never admit it did in this update: compromise.
Now if you’ve been paying attention to the video above, you’ll realize iOS 14 has well…borrowed a lot of features from Android, and even more amusingly, from Windows Phone. In fact the number of iOS 14 = Windows Phone 8 memes over this past week has been ridiculous. And while these changes are definitely bait for rival fans to make fun of Apple and iOS because this is Apple essentially agreeing that their design choices and features were better from the start, they also show that Apple actually is willing to do what customers want in some cases, especially if it means it can attract more customers from other platforms too. I mean, where do you think those Windows Phone loyalists are going to go now that iOS 14’s Widget interface is almost an exact copy of Windows Phone 8’s interface. iOS 14 is essentially the update that’s bringing a lot of little things iPhones lacked while also becoming a little more attractive for everyone who seemingly didn’t want an iPhone to begin with.
The most interesting part about all this however, is that if all thee new features and interface changes (including a pseudo app drawer finally) don’t have to affect you if you’ve liked the way your iPhone has worked for the past few years. Apple’s interface appealed to people for a reason after all, hence for people who where set in their iPhone ways, almost nothing needs to change. For those who’ve always complained about not being able to change things however, especially the default apps, you can finally change the default browser and email apps, which for many is a godsend. And a sign that Apple can budge when pushed enough (just add a US congress investigation and EU Antitrust hearing for good measure). There’s definitely some version of openness and flexibility Apple is showing here, and yes it’s still being done in an Apple way (just look at the iPad’s mouse support for example), but it’s a start. And personally, as long as Apple gives users the right kind of flexibility, that’s all I really care about. Now if only they could stop trying to lock in developers with this move to ARM processors……

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