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EcoCash is already fighting back against the mobile money suspension, urging customers to continue using it until otherwise.

And so the back and forth begins..

EcoCash seems to already be pushing back against the recently announced mobile money platforms ban, releasing a press statement that tells customers to essentially use the platform as always until the company informs them otherwise(shown above). Essentially, EcoCash is saying that since it hasn’t received a formal directive from the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe, it will not take its orders from Secretary of Public and Broadcasting Services Nick Mangwana, and goes on to highlight how many of its users who likely have no bank account even should continue using their EcoCash unless they’re told to stop.
As we stated already, EcoCash is essentially the country’s most common form of trade now. Shutting it down shuts down a lot more than the government is even willing to consider it seems, and hence many will likely support EcoCash’s boldness in this situation. Regardless, knowing EcoCash and the government’s history, we might have another legal battle on our hands. Strap in everyone, it’s about to begin.

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