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Check out this video of A Zimbo’s reaction to the PS5!

The Willingness to buy it so early is what has us shook!

It’s been about two weeks since the PlayStation 5’s reveal event, but people definitely still haven’t gotten the console off their mind. The expected reporting and speculation from tech media is still abundant(especially when it comes to the console’s price) , but even everyday people are still talking about the console and making as many memes as possible for it (especially ones about men twerking to get paid for it). As such we decided to share this video of a local Zimbabwean’s reaction to the PS5, as well as his take on it versus the Xbox Series X(why he compared it to Apple’s WWDC is beyond us). So take a look at An African Villager aka KudzieChase’s YouTube video on the PS5, as well as his willingness to buy it so soon! Obviously he has something the rest of us don’t.
Be sure to leave a comment in the comments section, our social media channels or even go on Kudzie’s YouTube and do the same. For more tech coverage with a Zimbo perspective, you know exactly where to find us.


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