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Watch Apple’s Riveting WWDC 2020 recap right here!

From new iPhone features to ARM powered Macs, and a crazy amount of awesome announcements.

Developer conferences have been an interesting thing to cover the past few years, starting off mainly as developer focused events to then becoming semi product launch events where new devices or software versions are announced. This year seemed to almost put a stop to that, with Microsoft’s Build conference being very technical and focusing on “under the hood” topics instead that help developers do a lot more in Windows, Azure, Mixed reality and so on while Google just straight up cancelled it’s annual I/O developer conference. Yet Apple seemingly didn’t get the “stay low key” memo and instead have just had arguably their beggest World Wide Developers Conference for the past five years! The company have unveiled new ARM powered Mac devices meant to shape the future of all Apple computers along with MacOS Big Sur, have made some huge changes to iOS that might make it a more “tolerant” and less controlling platform for both users and developers, and have even thrown in some Siri upgrades that might make you pay attention to their digital assistant again. There’s a lot to unpack and over the week only more info will be revealed that we’ll soak up, but for now, one things for certain: Apple aims to be bold in the coming years, and we’ll definitely have to see what that brings.

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