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The Anti-5G USB Stick scheme is by far the most opportunistic money scam of 2020(to date)

This is just…low

Talking about Covid-19 and all the chaos, fake news and misinformation surrounding it has essentially become 50% of our job here at TZP, with articles pouring in based on misinformation about the pandemic. Scams and hoaxes about Covid-19, 5G and everything related to the two have become a whole industry for tons of online con-artists to jump into. But to be honest, nothing quite matches this: the “5G Bioshield” USB stick.
(Star Trek Voice) : RAISE THE SHIELDS!
Now of course for many of you, this already sounds like a dumb idea, but unfortunately even in western countries there are normal everyday people as misinformed and fearful of Covid-19 as anyone in Zim, and with 5G still being the prevailing theory as the cause of it, those same people are paying of a 128Mb (yes, megabytes) flash disk that ranges between USD$350 and $450 in price! The USB claims to offer a Bioshield that uses “quantum holographic catalyzer technology” and can cover a whole family home. It’s already been removed from online stores by Amazon , but scammers have set up their own stores even to keep selling this thing especially within the UK where the stick has even been “approved by the Glastonbury town council. Of course the device was taken apart and studied by security analysts, and they’re the ones who even confirmed that it’s a simple, less than six dollar 128 mb stick which is being sold for $350. Amusingly enough owners of the site where it’s sold defended the stick saying it possessed “key technical information”, adding to the lunacy of this whole situation.
Regardless, if you’re reading this and somehow able to buy the stick, please don’t. It’s the epitome of exploitation in a time where the world already has enough problems.

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