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Say Hello to the PlayStation 5

It’s about damn time…

It’s finally here, the console Sony PlayStation fans had been waiting for ever since December of last year. In tonight’s event Sony finally decided to go all in on showing gamers the games, developer Studio and of course the console that will make them essentially empty their wallets to Sony for the foreseeable future: The PlayStation 5. You can see it in the reveal video above or the pictures below but we’ll give you the quick version of things. It will currently come in a disc and non-disc digital version, will include exclusive headphones, and HD camera (likely for motion sensing, video calling and VR) and also some amazing looking charging docks for it’s Dualsense controllers. The specs will be covered in another article tomorrow as we have yet to know if there are any other differences between the two versions but we’ll definitely let you know in our PS5 coverage.
Either way the next console war is on, and you can bet that players will be ready for it. Tell us what you think of the PS5 in the comments below or on our social media channels.

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