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Sony’s PS5 event has been moved to June 11

Hopefully nothing goes wrong this time..

Sony’s expected PS5 unveiling event, which was meant to happen last week on June 4 , is being moved to this Thursday on the 11th of June instead. The event was delayed due to last week being quite a tumultuous week for the US, with the Black Lives Matter protests due to the murder of George Floyd, police brutality because of said protests and even Trump fighting social networks about how they would be regulated and run.
Now with some of last week’s tension dying down, it seems Sony feels it can continue with the PS5 virtual event and will is still likely to unveil the new console. We already talked about how much work the PS5 needs to do in the hype war and speculated over whether this upcoming event will be enough.  We’ll have to see of course, but at least some version of an established order and momentum is returning to the company after the turbulent atmosphere of this year. We’ll wait to see how it goes on Thursday.

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